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How Much Extra Flooring Should You Order?

When you have your exact measurements of your floor area, you will then need to decide how much extra you need for cutting, selection and wastage.

This will depend on the shape of your room/rooms and how much cutting is involved. If you have lots of angles and ‘special’ cuts, you may want to allow as much as 12% extra, however if the room shape is ‘standard’ without much cutting required, as little as 5-6% may be suitable.

Something to bear in mind when calculating the extra flooring you may require is the selection process itself.

Although our flooring is of high quality, the standard product mix of grades A, B, C, and D will mean that there will be some planks that have a percentage of light sapwood within the face (both with the solid and engineered oak flooring types) and some filled natural ‘defects’ that may not be acceptable to you.

Some people like these features and some people don’t, so if you’re someone that doesn’t, you may want to order extra above the normal allowance to enable the selection of your flooring to omit any planks with excess sapwood. Another option if you are ordering from our Engineered Oak Flooring range is to choose one of our AB Select products, which have far less natural features within?

It must be accepted and understood that the oak we supply is a product of nature and no matter what some people may think, it is actually cut from a tree!

We have no control over how that tree grows but we do have control over the grading process at factory level, and having made the decision to supply the majority of our flooring as a mix of the four grades to provide a true ‘oak-like’ appearance within every floor, sapwood content is unavoidable, as is the inclusion of some filled natural ‘defects’ that may be unacceptable.

Any boards that have obvious and unacceptable defects should have those defects ‘cut out’ and the remainder of that board should then be used as a starter and end board for another run.

If boards with less natural features are required with little or no sapwood, we can supply an AB Select grade oak from our Engineered Oak Flooring range but obviously this costs more. Please contact us for more details.